Director, Doug Young Doug Young, director

Doug has been directing church and high school choirs for nearly thirty years and organized this group for the grand opening of the "Shoeless" Joe Jackson museum which was held in July, 2008.

Doug's a sculptor, teacher, Deaf interpreter and singer. He is best known for sculpting the statue of "Shoeless" Joe Jackson in Greenville, SC. and is honored to have these men as part of the group as well as his friends.


Josh Hansen

Josh Hansen, bass

Josh is from northern California where he spent 15 years working as an "IT guy" for a large regional bank. He also served as his church's music director for almost 10 years before moving to Greenville in 2007 to be the IT Manager for Hampton Park Baptist Church and Christian School.  He enjoys singing in Hampton Park's choir and has a great love for barbershop quartet and a capella music. Josh and his wife Cindy have 3 children; Stephen, Kevin and Emily.

Tim Joiner

Tim Joiner, baritone

Tim is the founder & CEO of Dynamic Technology Solutions,  a Greenville-based web development and digital marketing firm. Tim and his wife, Ashley, sing in the choir at Hampton Park Baptist Church, and have travelled in Europe with Bob Jones University's Musical Mission Team, giving about 150 sacred concerts over the course of two summers.

Gary Jones

Gary Jones, second tenor

Gary is a high school math and science teacher in North Carolina. However, he will gladly drive 3 hours through rain, sleet, or snow (well maybe not sleet or snow) to sing with his fellow Pitch Hitters. He loves complicated choral arrangements and enjoys directing the choir at his local church.

GregJonesGreg Jones, second tenor

Greg is an Aircraft Mechanic/IA who graduated from BJU and currently works at the Greenville Downtown Airport. PitchHitters practice is one of the highlights of his week. In addition to PitchHitters, he also enjoys singing with (and occasionally directing) his church choir. His hobbies include piano and computer programming. He, and his wife Lauren, have two children and live in Greenville, SC.

Cody PottDakota (Cody) Pott, bass

Cody is a 16 year old Junior who attends Artios Academies, a fine arts school in Greenville, SC. His passion for music began at the age of 3, when he began singing at coffee shops and playing the violin. He enjoys singing in choirs at Southside Fellowship and Artios, and has performed in musical theatre productions including "Little Women"," Oliver, "and "Suessical."

Bruce StoufferBruce Stouffer, first tenor

Bruce works at the Michelin US-1 plant in Greenville, SC. He graduated from Bob Jones University with a Creative Writing degree in 2009. His primary musical experience came from participating in his family’s singing ministry during his growing-up years, and he is active in his church’s music program.


Alan StoufferAlan Stouffer, baritone
Alan grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and where he began singing with his family for church services.

His family moved to Greenville in 2004, where he studied residential carpentry at Bob Jones University and sang with several choirs. Alan works in the Michelin US1 plant in Greenville and is very involved in music, singing with his church choir, his brothers and other groups. 

In the photo above: (the original group)
Left to right: Sergio Rameriz, Nathan Stoffer, Paul Keew, Craig Stouffer, Nathanael Gentilhomme, Greg Jones, Gary Jones, Seth Leavstom, Doug Young

The group typically consists of eight men and one director. Since most of the music is a cappella (TTBB), two men are assigned each part. Most of the time, the director sings along with the group. (Not because they need him. He just can't help it.)