Dicey Langston Ceremony

Rededication of the Langston / Springfield Family GravesiteSaturday, 3 October 200911:00 AM

All SAR, DAR, CAR, SR Chapters, and other Patriotic / Historical Societies and Organizations were invited to participate in the formal rededication of the Langston / Springfield Family Cemetery located in Travelers Rest, SC

This rededication honored the memory of Laodicia "Daring Dicey" Langston Springfield who served as a spy and patriot during the American Revolution. She is best known for warning the settlement of Little Eden, SC of a raid by the "Bloody Scouts" after walking through the night and crossing a swollen river at age fifteen to warn her brother and others located there. Later in the Revolution, she prevented these same "Bloody Scouts" from killing her father by interposing herself between him and the barrel of a pistol. Her bravery so impressed one of the Bloody Scouts that he stopped the raid.
After the Revolution, Dicey married Thomas Springfield and was the mother of 22 children.

Big League World Series 2009

The Pitchhitters sang again this year for the 2009 Big League World Series.


PitchHitters sing the National Anthem from Doug Young on Vimeo.

PitchHitters sing "You're a Grand Old Flag/America" from Doug Young on Vimeo.

Greenville Drive Game

Greenville Drive game from Doug Young on Vimeo.


"Shoeless" Joe Jackson Museum and Library

July 21, 2008 was the first public performance of The Pitch Hitters. At the request of Arlene Marcley, the museum curator, Doug Young organized a group of his friends to perform for the occassion.


Big League World Series

The second public performance was held on August 2, 2008. The Pitch Hitters sang two songs for the game which was broadcast live on ESPN. While it was exciting to sing the National Anthem before a crowd in the stands and with television cameras rolling, you may have missed us during the broadcast. ESPN went to a commercial break while we sang. That's television.

National Anthem

National Anthem from Doug Young on Vimeo.

You're a Grand Ole Flag/America

You're a Grand Old Flag/America from Doug Young on Vimeo.